Erawan Shrine

Known as the “Creator” the Tao Maha Prom Shrine located at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel has 4 faces, 4 hands equip with 4 sacred items and weapons to ward off evil. Born on a lotus blossom raised from the belly button of the God of Protection, his holiness and might reigns supreme.

Location: Erawan Bangkok
Hours: 24 hours


Indra Shrine

With the power to transform into any shape and size, the God of Goodwill appears in a green form made of solid jade. He has 1,000 eyes and 4 hands with a sword, javelin, bow and conch shell.

Location: Amarin Plaza
Hours: 24 hrs


Lord Narayana

The God of Protection in front of the Intercontinental Hotel is the grand protector of heaven, hell and earth. With his almighty vessel, the sacred Garuda, the God of Protection uses his might and power to ensure that good prevails over evil.

Location: InterContinental Hotel
Hours: 24 hrs


Trimurti Shrine

3 of the most powerful gods in the heavens; the God of Creation, God of Protection and God of Destruction merge together to form the ultimate supreme being known as the The God of Love.

Location: CentralWorld Isetan Entrance
Hours: 24 hrs


Goddess Lakshami

Known as the Goddess of Wealth & Fortune, many with pure hearts look to her as a beacon of hope as her power and strong spirit can create good luck in wealth, fortune and business negotiations.

Location: Gaysorn Shopping Centre 4th Floor
Hours: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm


Goddess Umadhevi

The Goddess of Might is often portrayed with either a long-handled trident or sword holding a single flower. Her sacred vessel is the tiger which represents fierce strength and protection from enemies.

Location: Big C Ratchadamri Entrance
Hours: 24 hrs
Tel: TBA


Ganesh Shrine

The son of the God of Destruction and Goddess of Compassion, the elephant headed God of Success is revered as the “grand teacher” or bestower of knowledge in every aspect of life.

Location: CentralWorld Isetan Entrance
Hours: 24 hrs

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