Ganesh Shrine

About Ganesh Shrine

The God of Success in front of Isetan was born with a human head only to be replaced with an Elephant head after being brought back to life for guarding his palace doors.
The son of the God of Destruction and Goddess of Compassion, the elephant headed God of Success is revered as the “grand teacher” or bestower of knowledge in every aspect of life.
As legend has it, his mother, the Goddess of Compassion tasked the young boy-god to guard the entrance of their home while his father, the God of Destruction was away on a sacred quest. Having never met his father, the young boy strictly followed his mother’s orders. Upon his return, the God of Destruction was greeted by the boy. Surprised and angered with the young boy for not letting him enter his own palace, the God of Destruction cut off his head with one fell swoop of his mighty trident.

After realizing the great mistake he had made, the God of Destruction promised to bring the boy back to life. Unfortunately, his human head was nowhere to be found. Mystical servants were sent to fetch the head of the first living creature they could find. They brought back an elephant head believed to be one cut off from the many heads God of the Elephants, Erawan.

The God of Success holds a short-handled trident, broken tusk, rope and beads with a snake around his belly to signify power from within. His sacred vessel is the Musika, sacred mouse god.
He protects all, especially those in the arts and in education. Actors, musicians, writers and students worship this powerful being for success in every undertaking.



Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammā Sambuddhassa (repeat 3 times)

Ohm Sri Ganesaya Namaha  (repeat 3 times)

Ohm Namo Pakavatae kachannaya Namaha.


Ongkarnpintu Natang Auppunnang Bramano Ja-in-to Piganesh To Mahadhevo A-hang 

Vandhami Suppata Sittikijjang Sittigummang Sittigariyoung Prasittimae (repeat 3 times) 

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