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The God of Thunder in front of Amarin Plaza is the bringer of daylight, the force that makes water flow and the champion of the earth, wind, and sea.

Legend has it that the God of Thunder was born from 33 compassionate, generous, devout men who built a Shrine and pathway through a sacred forest. When all 33 eventually died, they became demigods. Their spirits gathered and the holiness from their merit became the life force that created the God of Thunder.

As ancient Brahmin and Hindu religions believed that the God of Thunder was the supreme natural being who was able to harness the power of lightning, water, and wind. He is a protector of heaven and earth.  With the power to transform into any shape and size, the God of Thunder appears in a green form made of solid jade. He has 1,000 eyes and 4 hands with a sword, javelin, bow and conch shell. His weapon of choice is the lightning bolt which creates thunder and lightning to split oceans, mountains and to restore peace to the land.

The God of Thunder has the special ability to sense danger, pain, and despair. When he sits upon his magical thrown, it becomes hot as hell’s fire or hard as the Himalayan mountain range, he is made aware of the imminent problems that his followers will encounter. Once aware, the God of Thunder jumps into action to save the helpless.

The God of Thunder has two sacred vessels, the Horse God, Pra Atit and the almighty 3-headed Erawan, God of the Elephants.



Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammā Sambuddhassa (repeat 3 times)

Ohm Sakka Dhevata Vandhanang Sukita Maharapho

Tutiyampi Sakka Dhevata Vandhanang Sukita Maharapho

Tatiyampi Sakka Dhevata Vandhanang Sukita Maharapho.

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