Trimurati Shrine

About Trimurati Shrine

3 of the most powerful gods in the heavens; the God of Creation, God of Protection and God of Destruction merge together to form the ultimate supreme being known as the God of Love.

The ancients believed that this universal god and almighty force in the supernatural world, known as the 3-headed god in front of Isetan, protects the worthy in all aspects of life. His compassionate, fierce, protective and righteous supremacy is respected all throughout heaven, earth and the afterlife. In an ancient time where magnificent gods clashed with evil enemies, he was among the mightiest protectors of the innocent, always banishing evil and restoring peace throughout the land. However, over time as ancient tales give way to modern-day traditions, this god is now known as the God of Love. He is often associated with and worshiped for his great ability to grant good luck in all matters of love, romance, and relationships.

The God of Love is often portrayed as a tall, sleek and handsome, wearing golden armor. He is often holding many different weapons but his trusty trident is his most powerful weapon of all. It is believed that the God of Love ascends to earth (God of Love Shrine in front of Isetan) on Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:30 am and again in the evening at 9:30 pm to listen to the requests of his worshipers.

During WWII, his statue was placed to protect the Petchaboon Palace, which was located where the Central World Shopping Mall exists today. Amid a fierce bombing raid which resulted in the destruction of the entire city, the Petchaboon Palace remained intact. Many believe it was the supreme power and protection of the God of Love that saved the area from harm. To this date, his shrine remains at the same exact location to protect all visitors.



Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammā Sambuddhassa (repeat 3 times)

Sri Satguru Tattatae Yaya Namaha (repeat 3 times)

Tumhakang Mahadheja Mahapanya Mahapoka Mahayasa Mahalapa Panjavasati Pyanja

Tavattingsa Channa Vudthi Tirokunja Sorana Ubat Untaraiyanja Autyantiga

Untaraiyanja Pahira Untaratyanja Virihitava Hotu Yavachevang Pravisditi Pratrimurati.

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