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About Umathevi Shrine

The Goddess of Compassion in front of Big C Department Store is known for her unwavering compassion and devotion to her beloved husband, the God of Destruction.

There are many tales as to how the Goddess of Compassion was brought into this world. Despite her varying origins, her story of compassion is a compelling one. The Goddess of Compassion, with her mystical powers to see beyond humanity, saw the incarnation of the God of Destruction on earth. His form was not a regal one, rather that of a dirty, smelly hermit. Everyone on earth shunned him. However, the Goddess of Compassion stood by his side because she was the only one that could see his true god form. She took care of him, followed him on his journeys and fasted alongside him without hesitation. Out of her love and dedication for the God of Destruction, they were brought together in a holy union.

As legend has it, one day, the Goddess’ father threw a sacred celebration in heaven. Everyone was invited except for the unsavory hermit. Humiliated and outraged, the Goddess of Compassion set herself on fire to defend the honor of her husband. Once the God of Destruction caught wind of his beloved companion’s firery death, he took vengeance on all attendees.  He could only be stopped by divine intervention from his two most trusted godly counterparts, the God of Creation and the God of Protection.

From there on, the Goddess of Compassion has been worshiped for her strong devotion to her husband and family. Those that seek strength in family matters would be wise to pay respects to the goddess who always puts others before herself. She is often portrayed with either a long-handled trident or sword holding a single flower. Her sacred vessel is the tiger which represents fierce strength and protection from enemies.



Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammā Sambuddhassa (repeat 3 times)

Ohm Namomae Jijaerunee Sa-a-niso Jamahadheve A-hika-Uma Mamani A-hi A-hi Mayumnutta Namussatae Savahome.

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