Erawan Shrine

Known as the “Creator” the Erawan Shrine located at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel has 4 faces, 4 hands equipped with 4 sacred items and weapons to ward off evil. Born on a lotus blossom raised from the belly button of the God of Protection, his holiness and might reigns supreme. The Erawan Shrine also known as Tao Maha Phrom Shrine is the most well known of the nine shrines of Ratchaprasong. It’s one of Thailand’s most sacred shrines & one of Bangkok’s most visited tourist sites attracting large crowds every day. The Erawan Shrine features Brahma the god of creation, the King of the Gods. The image is made from gold. It is believed that Brahma decides the fate of every living creature by using the karma of each individual as a tool to measure worthiness in this life and the afterlife. Each of the four faces of Brahma at Erawan has a meaning. The front face is Career, the left face is Romance, back face is Money and the right face is Health. To make a prayer flowers, joss sticks & candles can be purchased inside the shrine, or at stalls on the street outside. Brahma has four faces and each one should be prayed to in turn, starting with the face facing the shrine entrance and continuing clockwise. Each face receives 1 candle, 1 bunch of flowers and 3 joss sticks at the altar in front of each face after praying. After praying to all four, make a wish. If prayers are answered the worshipper should return to the shrine to thank Brahma. It is customary to buy a gift such as an elephant image and put them on the table in front of the god. Serious worshippers who have had their prayers answered may also hire the shrine dancers to dance behind them while they kneel, pray and give thanks. The Erawan Shrine is found at the corner at the intersection of Ploenchit & Ratchadamri Roads adjacent to Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel and opposite Gaysorn Centre. It is open from 6am - 11pm daily.

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