Red Sky Introduces Exquisite Périgord Black Truffle Seasonal Menu

Red Sky Introduces Exquisite Périgord Black Truffle Seasonal Menu

Red Sky Introduces Exquisite Périgord Black Truffle Seasonal Menu


Indulge in the rich flavours of Périgord black truffles with Red Sky's latest seasonal menu. Designed by Chef De Cuisine Christian Ham, the menu offers a unique culinary experience for truffle lovers, available for a limited time only.


Throughout January, Bangkok: Red Sky, the renowned luxury dining destination, is excited to unveil its latest culinary offering with the introduction of a seasonal menu that features the highly sought-after Périgord black truffle. Designed by the talented Chef De Cuisine Christian Ham, the menu offers a celebration of the unique and rich flavours of the truffle, available for a limited time only. Diners can expect a culinary journey of flavours and textures that will delight the senses and tantalise the taste buds.


Diners can start their culinary journey with the Poached Maine Lobster and Périgord Truffle Salad, featuring cauliflower semolina remoulade and garlic crisps. This dish is priced at THB 1,650++. For those looking for something a little more unique, the Kohlrabi and Périgord Truffle Parmentier, served with bone marrow on toast, is sure to delight. Priced at THB 1,755++, it’s a perfect blend of flavours and textures.

The Pan Seared Snow Fish “Glacier 51” is another must-try dish, served with a champagne sauce and Périgord truffle alongside ratte potato “calisson”. This dish is priced at THB 2,655++. Glacier 51 fish, a delicacy for special occasions, is the true taste of luxury.

Meat lovers will be delighted with the 72-Hour Cooked Hitachiwagyu Japanese Beef, served with Périgord truffle shavings and confit onion Tarte Tatin. Priced at THB 2,955++, it’s a perfect winter warm-up dish.

For cheese lovers, the Périgord Winter Truffle Brie Cheese is an excellent addition to the menu and is priced at THB 850++. And for dessert, the Périgord Truffle Ice Cream is a perfect end to the meal and is priced at THB 450++.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to taste the exquisite flavours of the Périgord black truffle at Red Sky. Book your table today and experience the culinary magic of Chef Christian Ham.


This new menu is available from now until now until 31 January 2023

at Red Sky Restaurant on the 55 floor of Centara Grand at CentralWorld

Opening Hours: Daily 17:00 – 01:00 hrs. (last order 23:30 hrs.)

For more information or to make a reservation, please call 02-100-6255 or email


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