Chicken Noodles by Mae Sri Ruen

About Chicken Noodles

Chicken Noodles by Mae Sri Ruen at CentralWorld A famous traditional Thai noodle bar is loved by customers of all ages. Its all-time favourite and signature menu is Mae Sri Ruen Chicken Noodle. The unforgettable soup is made with chicken skeletons, pigs’ long bones and daikon radishes as base. Everything is boiled and steamed for hours until it is perfect. Both noodles and chicken are also boiled and then boldly seasoned before being served making it tasty on its own; therefore, no extra condiments are needed. This heart-warming menu can be served in different varieties such as noodle soup, noodle with soup in a separate bowl, tom yum soup or chicken with soup only, etc. Ingredients, including limes, mung bean sprouts, dried chili peppers and roasted-and crushed peanuts, are fresh and made daily. Mae Sri Ruen is a trusted name in noodle dishes for 57 years since its inception in Pattaya. Every menu is a reminiscence of homemade dishes made by mothers or grandmothers and it is still in accordance with recipes of the founder, Sriruen Kamlak.

Price: Bt50++

Location: 3rd floor of CentralWorld. It is opened daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm. For further details, please call 02-646-1821.

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