Lakshmi Shrine

About Lakshmi Shrine

The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune at Gaysorn was born from the holy sea of milk on a lotus blossom during the famed quest of the Elixir of Immortality*

Known as the Goddess of Wealth & Fortune, many with pure hearts look to her as a beacon of hope as her power and strong spirit can create good luck in wealth, fortune and business negotiations. Her story begins at the quest for the Elixir of Immortality. As the sacred Kalasa Ocean was churned into a milky chasm, it bestowed 13 of the holiest gifts to the gods, one of which was the immaculate goddess herself. She is one of 3 of the most powerful goddesses in the heavens. This supreme being is not only worshiped for her generosity but also for her timeless beauty, which can only be matched by that of the Greek Aphrodite.

Legend has it that this revered goddess has a sweet smelling scent that reaches over 100 mountain ranges. With her infinite beauty and charm, The Goddess of Wealth & Fortune is the holy soul mate and companion to the God of Protection: Pra Narai.  Together, they help protect the earth. Her body is golden in nature and her face has a pinkish, reddish hue. She is often found standing or sitting with two lotus blossoms in each hand. In some renderings, she can be depicted with a pot of golden coins to symbolize prosperity or a variety of weapons to show her protective side. In some cases, she is found sitting atop her sacred elephant which symbolizes strength and stability.


Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammā Sambuddhassa (repeat 3 times)

Namomae Teepaetupaphanang Sakkaravandhanang Supupayannang Bhochananang

Sapariwarang Auttangvarang Arcutchantu Paripanchantu Supputti Hitaya Sukhaya Sunti

Udhevanang Tepitumhae Arnurakkanti Arcutchaya Arcutcha Himanimama.

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