Erawan Shrine

About Erawan Shrine

Known as the “Creator” the Tao Maha Prom Shrine located at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel has 4 faces, 4 hands equip with 4 sacred items and weapons to ward off evil. Born on a lotus blossom raised from the belly button of the God of Protection, his holiness and might reigns supreme.

Revered as the God of Creation, the ancient Bhramin’s believed that Pra Prom, was the king of all gods due to his almighty power and discerning discretion to distinguish between right and wrong, life and death on all three plains-heaven, hell and earth. He decides the fate of every living creature by using the karma of each individual as a tool to measure worthiness in this life and the afterlife. He instills in people to live with oneself and not to take life for granted. Compassion towards others and giving without expectation are also a part of his teachings.

The God of Creation is often portrayed in many different forms; some with a red body, 4 heads and 4 or 8 hands that often carry different weapons including magic beads, holy scripts, magical water jug and lotus blossom. You may also see him holding a bow, javelin, curved blade or knife, mirror, conch shell, fire ladle and instruments. However, The God of Creation: Tao maha phrom at the Erawan shrine cast in gold and is one of the holiest sites for Thais and the rest of the world. Many have made pilgrimages from far and wide to visit the God of Creation shrine at Erawan. He is known to ascend from heaven to partake in the beautiful performances of Thai classical music and dance. Devout worshipers often hire dancers and their music ensemble (available at the shrine) to pay homage to the powerful god and to appease his appetite for arts and entertainment.

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammā Sambuddhassa (repeat 3 times)

Ohm Ahum Promma Aussmi

Ongkarn Pintunatang Auppunnang Bramasaha Patinama Atikuppe Su Arkato Punjapa Tummangtisawa Namobuddhaya Wantanang.

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