Face Plus by Yamano

About Face Plus by Yamano at Erawan Bangkok

Why not give your face a pampering skin treatment to bring out perfect aura of a bride. Face Plus by Yamano is a facial salon originated in Japan by Aiko Yamano. With a long heritage of more than 80 years, this trusted name is renowned for Yamano’s hand massage techniques and use of effective ingredients from nature, such as ‘doronko’, Japanese for natural clay, that provides deep cleansing down into pores to clean out impurities while maintaining a balanced skin condition. The brand also invented treatment products that contain extract of amber, called ‘kohaku’ in Japanese.

These patented products help rebalance the skin and hormones, remove impurities, promote blood circulation, normalise metabolism, and brighten and moisturise the skin. Their properties are complemented by unique facial massage techniques of Face Plus by Yamano that use palpation and rubbing at just right pressures. Moreover, all the therapists have undergone stringent training and evaluation to assure the reputable standard of Yamano service.

A highly-recommended treatment for brides-to-be is Kohaku Facial, in which amber extract is used in every step of the massage to give pleasant aura to the skin and help ease makeup while keeping it long-lasting. Customers can also choose add-on treatments for specific concerns, such as firming neck massage, firming mask, eye area rehydration, wrinkles and fine lines reduction and skin brightening to achieve an exceptionally radiant skin for the wedding day.

Location: 4th floor of Erawan Bangkok. It is opened daily from 10:00am to 8:00pm. For further details, please call 02-252-7758 or visit www.faceplusbyyamano.co.th or www.facebook.com/FacePlusbyYamanoThailand.

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